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Electrical Home Safety Inspection

Wondering what’s involved in an electrical home safety inspection? Here’s what Edward Flagg Electrical will do for you…

Our technician will give a thorough inspection of the entire electrical system starting at the top of the home and working our way to the bottom. This includes both inside and outside the home. 

We look for hazards; both existing and potential. All our technicians are trained to spot the little things that could make a big difference for the safety of your home. 

By the time the technician is complete, they will have a good idea of the overall condition of the entire electrical system and at that point a full report can be created and presented to you. This would include any potential hazards and recommendations. We list issues from top priority down to the lowest priority so you know what to prioritize. 

Once that is complete, we can come up with a customized plan that is tailored to your needs. This comes complete with a detailed estimate for you to choose what’s most important to you. This is a no-pressure service that hands over the knowledge you need to help make educated decisions about your home’s electrical system. We also have a program for possible future homes that pick up where the home inspector leaves off. 

home electrical safety inspection

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